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We Sell Custom Tubigrip: Supporting Your Core During and After Pregnancy


Welcome to our guide on Tubigrip. The elastic cloth that supports your stomach during and after pregnancy. Whether you're expecting or have just welcomed your little one into the world, Tubigrip can be a real lifesaver when it comes to easing strain on your muscles and ligaments and providing much-needed support. We sell tubigrip at our Hamilton Osteo clinic or we ship via our online store. You can find it on our online store here

Tubigrip Skin Sensitivity and Comfort

Pregnancy can sometimes make your skin more sensitive. If you experience any itching or rash under the Tubigrip, simply wear it over a layer of clothing for added comfort.

Tubigrip Considerations for Latex Allergies

Please note that if you have a latex allergy, Tubigrip may not be suitable for you.

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Easy Care and Maintenance

Cleaning your Tubigrip is a breeze - just hand wash it and avoid tumble drying.

Using Tubigrip During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, Tubigrip works wonders in supporting your 'bump' and may help alleviate back or pelvic pain. Follow your osteopath's guidance, and remember to take it off during exercises if advised.

Tubigrip Sizing and Changes During Pregnancy

As your 'bump' grows, you may require a larger Tubigrip size, but don't worry - your osteopath will be there to guide you through the process.

We have 2 sizes of tubigrip for sale L: For Early pregnancy and postpartum M: For 30 weeks of gestation.

  • Sizing guide Measure the distance between the bottom of your breast bone (sternum) and your pubic bone, going over your bump, so I can get an idea of the length to cut. Add this info on the note box at checkout.

You can read more here

Safe Bedtime Practices

When getting in and out of bed, try rolling on your side instead of performing sit-ups or reverse sit-ups. This precaution helps protect your corr muscles from unnecessary strain. Additionally, it's essential not to wear Tubigrip overnight or during daytime naps, regardless of whether you're pregnant or not.

Using Tubigrip Postpartum

Now, after you've welcomed your little one, Tubigrip can be a great support for your core muscles during the recovery period. As always, follow your health care providers advice. MY recommendation for sizes during this time are above.


Tubigrip was an absolute lifesaver for me during and after pregnancy. It worked wonders in keeping me active, especially during my second pregnancy, which was quite challenging while taking care of our very active toddler at the same time! Feel free to reach out for advice or any questions you may have.

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Jessica Jenkins Osteopath Mother of 2

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