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Osteopath Hamilton. Hamilton Osteopath. Jess Osteopath. Pregnancy osteopath. Baby osteopath. Back pain.  Sciatica osteopath. Jess Osteopath



Bachelor of Applied Sciences

Masters of Osteopathy
Baby Sleep consultant

Mat Pilates

Jess has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Biology) and a Masters in Osteopathy. As part of her training, she completed a thesis on pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy and has continued to grow her knowledge in that field. From there she widened her scope to postpartum health and babies (more info here)

When Jess is not treating mums & babies she is helping office workers with their headaches and posture issues. She uses a combination of osteopathic treatments and Pilates-based exercises to get them back on their feet!

In her spare time, you will find her either at the beach, or doing some DIY around the house with Darryl and her 2 little helpers Lara and  Billie. 

Osteopath Hamilton. Maternity osteopath. Baby osteopath. Pregnancy Osteopath.

Tessa Saraeva


Bachelor of Applied Sciences

Masters of Osteopathy
Visceral & Cranial Osteopathy

Baby Osteopathy
Women's health pilates

Tessa is passionate about movement as therapy, using a mix of structural, visceral & cranial osteopathy with Pilates-based exercises to help individuals improve their wellbeing.


Tessa has experience working with people of all ages and enjoys tailoring treatment and advice to each individual's lifestyle.

Tessa can be found in the wild practicing calisthenics, cycling, or spending time with family and friends.

Osteopath Hamilton. Maternity osteopath. Baby osteopath. Pregnancy Osteopath.  Acupuncture Osteopath. Acupuncture Hamilton.



Certificate in Sport and Exercise Science 

Bachelor of Applied Sciences 

Master of Osteopathy

Post Graduate Certificate in Acupuncture


Darryl helps people move well, move often, and take control of their pain. People like the range of osteopathic, acupuncturist and realistic exercises he uses to get them back on track in the shortest time possible.

Darryl enjoys treating a wide range of conditions but has special interests in:

- Sports injuries of all kinds, but particularly lower limb tendon injuries 

- Persistent/chronic complaints

- Back and neck pain

He contracts to the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand in a preceptor role, providing guidance and support to overseas osteopaths during their induction process into New Zealand.

If you find Darryl in the wild he is probably lost. Please direct him home. 

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