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Pregnancy and Baby Osteopathy

Our maternity osteopaths have a special interest in treating woman during pregnancy. This means we have spent extra time attending courses, reading resources and practicing techniques to help pregnant woman better understand their changing bodies, overcome pain and care for their little ones. Both Tessa and Jess have special interests in treating babies. Along side osteo, Darryl offers acupuncture techniques to help manage pain and encourage labor onset.

We regularly write articles about how osteopathy can be beneficial during pregnancy, after giving birth and for your baby. You can find some of these articles at the bottom of this page..  


Pregnancy causes physical, hormonal, and emotional changes that can be uncomfortable for women. Our Hamilton osteopaths provide osteopathic treatment as a safe way to relieve some of these physical discomforts, prepare the body for labor, and aid recovery after birth. Our osteopath Darryl also offers acupuncture to alleviate pregnancy related pain and to prepare the body for labor.

conditions include



Post-partum, our osteopathic treatments can help mothers restore muscle tone and alignment, adapt to carrying their newborn, maneuvering car seats, breastfeeding, and adapting to sleep deprivation.

Common Conditions include

  • Diastasis recti

  • Return to exercise

  • New parent posture



We offer gentle and safe osteopathic treatments for babies to aid in their post-birth development. Our Hamilton osteopaths use light-touch techniques designed to help babies recover from the birthing process, and also promote better sleep for both the baby and parents.

Common conditions include


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