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Pregnancy and Osteopathy- What to Expect?

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

I’m pregnant. Is osteopathy safe for me?


Yes. But make sure you go to an osteopath who has experience working with pregnant women. At TLC Osteopaths, we are all experienced in working with women during pregnancy. Furthermore, we spend our spare time either at courses or reviewing the latest pregnancy-related research. What will the osteopath do? They will assess how your body is adapting to the growing uterus. This includes looking for imbalances in the pelvis and lower limbs, the chest cavity and how you move. The osteopath will then work on the body using gentle techniques to restore balance and elasticity in the body. The osteopath may not even work anywhere near the pelvis, depending on what your body is doing and what you are experiencing. Will the osteopath touch my uterus?

No. Osteopathy during pregnancy should work around the uterus, not directly on it. We do not perform 'internal' techniques. Sometimes the osteopath will work around the pelvis, but they will be careful to note the borders of the uterus. Our goal is to help your body stay balanced and to help create more space in the body for the next stage of foetal growth. Can an osteopath turn my baby? No. But we can help create space to allow the foetus to turn itself in the uterus. There are many factors that impact foetal position (eg. short cord), so if the foetus doesn’t turn when there is space, there is likely a reason for this. I have heard that you shouldn’t have any manual therapy before 17 weeks of gestation because of the risk of miscarriage. Is this true?

There is currently no substantial evidence to support claims that massage or any other manual therapy causes miscarriage at certain phases of gestation. The reality is that a miscarriage can happen at any stage of pregnancy for a huge variety of reasons. It is very unlikely that any form of manual therapy can cause a miscarriage to occur but if you are concerned, please discuss your concerns with your midwife and any therapist you are considering having treatment with. I think osteopathy is for me. What now? Click on our BOOK NOW button at the top of this page and one of our experienced osteopaths will be seeing you in the near future :)

Tessa Saraeva

Registered Osteopath & ACC Treatment Provider TLC Osteopaths 0210313570


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