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This elastic bandage is great to use as a belly support in the instance of pelvic and back pain related to pregnancy. 


We have 2 sizes available: 


L: recommended for early pregnancy and post-partum (106-149cm circumference, roughly at the level of the red line as shown on the picture)

M (Maternity): recommended for after 30 weeks of gestation (119-167cm circumference). 


Personal note:

- I recommend wearing this band in a double layer 

- If it is making your belly ichy, you can wear a singlet and wear the band on top of it

- These are custom-cut to your torso size to ensure a perfect fit. 

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO: Measure the distance between the bottom of your breast bone (sternum) and your pubic bone, going over your bump, so we can get an idea of the length to cut and add this measurement to the note box at checkout. 


- Do not sleep with it and do not wear it all day long.



Tubigrip - Belly band

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