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Recovering from the Flu?

What a winter! 🥶

Winter = coughs, colds, flus..ugh!

Many of us have experienced a rough winter season this year. If you have been caught with one of the many colds or flus around this winter, it is likely that your body has taken a bit of a beating to say the least.

Are you aware that osteopathy can help your body recover? …Once you are no longer

infectious, of course. Those nasty bugs often cause us to experience things like blocked or overworked sinuses, coughs and sneezes that create tightness in the chest and rib cage, headaches, muscle aches, joint aches. All things which can linger after the actual colds and flus have been fought off.

Osteopaths work on the body to help improve blood flow, lymphatic drainage, relieve muscle tension and joint restrictions.

- Lymphatic drainage can help relieve blocked sinuses.

- Osteopathic manual therapy helps the ribs and diaphragm (our big breathing muscle)

move freely.

- Osteopathic soft tissue and joint articulation helps to improve blood flow, posture, and mobility.

- Conversations with osteopaths support you to tackle life again! (Or they will put you to

sleep - but that is also beneficial!)

Don’t forget to restore your body from the inside too. Fighting bugs requires additional fuel for our immune system to work at its best. Be sure to support this with plenty of fresh vegetables and supplements such as a good quality multivitamin, or additional vitamin C & D, zinc, calcium, magnesium, selenium, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Here’s to a healthier Spring! 🌞

Tessa Saraeva TLC osteopaths Hamilton

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