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Mask Etiquette at TLC

As osteopaths, we are at a high risk of being in contact with Covid. Of course we take all possible precautions to mitigate the risks and as part of this, we are asking you to do the same to protect us.

Homemade, or store bought masks which do come in beautiful patterns, but are not fitted well, are not helpful. It is important that your masks fit snug around the nose, mouth, cheeks and chin (especially for people with beards, make sure it covers your chin fully).

If we see that your mask is not fitted well enough we will be giving you a new one for your appointment at no cost. We will ask you to bring a well fitted one for next time. Subsequent masks for future appointments will be provided at an additional charge of $1.

Fabric masks need to be washed regularly (ideally after each use) to kill any nasties on them including the COVID-19 virus, so please be onto it with that.

We are trying to do our best to keep our doors open so we can help our amazing community. However, Covid has a very negative impact on our ability to keep TLC open and we cannot afford avoidable ongoing disruptions to business.

Thankyou for your help. The team at TLC osteopaths.

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