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Level 3 care (New)


  • We are open to most patients - not just urgent care but not 'routine care' either.

  • To mitigate any potential risk we have taken steps to ensure we are operating above the standard set by the MoH

  • Book here

  • Our vaccine statement is at the bottom of this page (Here)

We're Open!

To qualify for treatment you must meet ONE of the following criteria

  1. Your pain/condition is getting worse or likely to get worse without treatment

  2. Your pain/condition is likely to impact your ability to work

  3. Your pain/condition is likely to impact your ability to take care of yourself or others

But the "new normal" rules apply. If you need a reminder, these are as follows

Stay home if you are

  1. A person of interest

  2. Have been in contact with a person of interest

  3. Are awaiting a covid test result

For your appointment, you must

  1. Complete the covid screening questionnaire

  2. Sign/Scan in

  3. Wear a mask

  4. Sanitize your hands

In addition, we are

  1. Taking weekly covid tests

  2. Double vaxxed

  3. Cleaning surfaces between patients

  4. Giving the clinic a thorough clean at the end of each day

  5. Regularly spraying the air with anti-covid spray (Glen20)

  6. One osteo working per day

  7. Assessing the covid risk on a daily basis

Vaccine Statement (19/10/21)

Kia Ora We, the TLC team, pride ourselves on our safety-first approach. Ensuring that we make informed choices, based on both medical and legal advice. We do this to protect the at-risk people within our bubbles (including babies and immuno-compromised) and also the at-risk people who come to TLC. Our actions must also follow the law - particularly laws around non-discriminatory access to healthcare. To that end, we appreciate those who have taken the time to be double vaccinated and ask those that are not vaccinated to be extra cautious when making and attending their booking.

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