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Fix my squat

There is no way to fix a squat through reading blogs or watching YouTube. It takes somebody with a keen eye, an understanding of load mechanics and programming with years of practice to spot the details contributing to squat mistakes. Here at TLC osteopaths, we have those people Book Here However, if I were to recommend one DIY drill to help trouble shoot your squat - this would be it. You will need - A weight of 8kg or more - A heel lift, such as two similar size books or a 10kg plate - A stretchy band to place around your knees

So how does it work?

Well, after watching and following along in the video, whichever 'aid' you find the most useful will give you an idea about what you need to work on. As an example, if the heel lift really helps then you need to work on calf mobility and hip mobility. If the band really helps then you need to work on glute strength. If the weight really helps then you need to be working toward core strength. From there, we can make slight adjustments that suit your goal, body type and training frequency.

If you don't have a background in squat rehab then this can all be a bit much. Book in with one of our TLC osteopaths here to help work things through and pick out the best stretches and exercises for you.

Written by Darryl Jenkins TLC Osteopaths Hamilton, Nz

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