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AWWA washable period undies mean less 'single use' waste, and less monthly cost for you! Using a special super-effective absorbency layer, AWWA period underwear will keep you comfortable, fresh and dry all month long! 


All day classic heavy days/overnight: 


Holds 5 pads/tampons or 30ml

Machine washable (no fabric softener)

Leak proof, breathable anti odour (note: they get more absorbant once you have washed them a few times). 


•  AWWA signature indigenous band detailing


•  Low hipster cut brief


•  Matte shine material, soft feel against clothing


•  Wear your All day underwear for the duration of the time you normally wear five regular tampons or pads


•  After use, rinse in water and pop into a waterproof bag if you’re out and about, or throw straight into the washing machine with your ordinary load.


•  Put on another pair of your period-proof underwear and go enjoy your day, care free.


Note: these are perfect for postpartum, as they are high waisted and do not rub against C section scars. (However, be sure to add a pad to them for the first week or so to monitor blood flow and color as your midwife will be monitoring for any potential abnormal bleeding).


AWWA - All day - Classic brief

  • Materials

    • Outer: 80% Recycled Nylon, 20% Elastane


    • Lining: 95% Organic cotton, 5% Elastane

  • Scroll to the last photos for the sizing charts (note that AWWA have new sizing charts as of 2022). 

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