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Neck Pain: TLC Osteopaths' Approach to Recovery

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

At TLC osteopaths, we understand the impact of neck pain on our

A lady with neck pain
Neck Pain

patients, and we are dedicated to helping them recover. Neck pain is a common condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including poor posture, overuse, trauma, and underlying health conditions.

Understanding the Causes of Neck Pain

One of the first steps in recovering from neck pain is understanding its underlying causes. At TLC osteopaths, we take the time to listen to and have a conversation with our patients so that we can understand their individual needs. We often find that lifestyle factors such as poor sleep, prolonged sitting, exercise habits, and various forms of stress contribute to neck pain. We work with our patients to identify these factors and develop simple strategies to address them.

The anatomy of the neck

Manual Therapy for Neck Pain

Another key component of our approach to neck pain is hands-on manual therapy. Our team of experienced osteopaths uses a variety of techniques, including spinal manipulation, soft tissue massage, and acupuncture, to relieve pain and improve mobility. These therapies are safe and effective, and we tailor them to each patient's unique needs.

Exercise for Neck Pain

In addition to manual therapy, exercise is critical for long-term recovery from neck pain. Our team of osteopaths are trained in exercise prescription and can provide tailored exercises that help to improve strength, flexibility, and posture. We understand that many of our patients are active individuals who don't want to be held back by their neck pain. That's why we focus on finding alternative exercises that allow our patients to continue doing what they love while still recovering from their neck pain. Somewhat ironically, exercise is often what causes our necks to become sore but exercise is also a key tool in fixing neck pain.

Common Neck Pain questions

We often hear common questions from our patients, such as "Will neck pain go away?" and "Is my neck pain arthritis?" We take the time to address each question and provide clear and concise answers to help you better understand your condition. Notably, it is not really appropriate to try to answer these questions in a blog format, last thing we need is somebody misunderstanding the information and accidentally ending up with purple hair and a pet zebra. If you have questions, please reach out.

Booking an Appointment

Please note that our osteopaths are also our receptionists. This helps to keep our prices fair and our communication direct. It also means that we are not always able to answer phone calls. If you are experiencing neck pain, we encourage you to book an appointment with our team of caring osteopaths in Hamilton. Our online booking portal is quick and easy to use, or you can get in touch via Facebook. If you would prefer to call, please be patient with us getting back to you. We are ACC registered, and we can lodge ACC claims on site. We also work with most other health insurers, including Southern Cross. You do not need a doctor's referral to see us.

Referral to Specialists

In some cases, neck pain may require referral to specialists or for X-ray and ultrasound. Our team of osteopaths can make referrals as needed, ensuring that our patients receive the care they need to recover fully.


Neck pain can be a frustrating condition that affects one's quality of life. At TLC osteopaths Hamilton, we are dedicated to helping our patients recover. We work with our patients to understand the underlying causes of their neck pain and provide safe and effective manual therapy, exercise prescription, and evidence-based advice. If you are experiencing neck pain, we encourage you to book an appointment with our team of experienced and caring osteopaths.

Written by Darryl Jenkins TLC osteopaths Hamilton

Darryl Jenkins is a friendly osteopath and co-owner of TLC Osteopaths in Hamilton. Amongst various informal qualifications, his formal qualifications include a undergraduate certificate in Exercise science from Wintec, a degree in Human Biology from Unitec, and a master's degree in osteopathy from Unitec, where he also completed his thesis on human movement assessment. He also holds a postgraduate certificate in acupuncture from AUT and would like to be pursuing the postgraduate certificate in Pain Science at Otago Uni (awaiting spouse approval).

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