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All About Headaches and Migraines

Looking to reduce the frequency of your headaches and migraines? Or looking to reduce their impact and severity? Or looking to manage them effectively and with less medication? If yes, then you are in the right place. You will find all the information you need about how the Osteopaths at TLC can help with managing headaches and migraines.

How Our Osteopaths Help

Osteopaths are trained in the diagnosis and management of headaches and migraines. Our osteopaths will take a detailed case history to help figure out the underlying cause of your migraine or headache. - Once we have diagnosed the cause, our osteopaths will provide you with a treatment plan that is designed to address the musculoskeletal cause of your condition and then discuss how your lifestyle may be impacting your headaches. Treatment plans can include manual techniques such as craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, joint manipulation, auricular therapy (ear stimulation/piercing) and Acupuncture. Where possible, we teach our patients how to perform techniques on themselves so that they take control of their pain. Most of the techniques we use are directed around the skull, neck, face and upper back. However it is very likely that techniques will be performed around the pelvis and low back area and at times the legs too. The techniques are performed with you laying on a plynth (massage table) in a calm comfortable room.

How Acupuncture Can Help

One of the most popular ways to manage headaches and migraines is acupuncture. Acupuncture is a relatively painless, natural, and ancient technique that has been proven to be an effective treatment for headaches and migraines. Acupuncture works by stimulating specific points around the body to create a therapeutic effect. When you stimulate these points, it creates a release of endorphins which in turn reduces your headache or migraine.

Final Words

We have 3 experienced osteopaths here at TLC and we all enjoy working on headaches and migraines. If you’re looking for a way to manage your headaches and migraines then this is the place to be. Our team has helped many people over the years overcome their pain and we look forward to helping you too. Book online

TLC Osteopaths Hamilton, Pukete 0800 852 273 (TLCARE)

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