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This pack has all the must-haves we recommend you use for your postpartum journey. They have helped thousands of women in NZ, myself included. 


All you have to do is add this package to the cart and write down the size you need for your pair of Silverettes, reusable undies (scroll to the next photos to see the sizing charts for these 2 products) and the type of Dr brown bottles you want ... and Voila. 


For more info about each products included in this pack, go to the products page and check out each of them :) 


What does this pack include: 

 - 1 pair of silverette

 - 1 healing kit (witch hazel spray)

 -  1 bottle of Weleda belly oil

 - 1 box of ural sachet

 - 2x tubes of Weleda nappy change cream

 - 3x pairs of AWWA reusable undies

 -  3x packs of Depends disposable undies

 - 2x Dr brown bottles (120ml) narrow or wide neck 

 -  1x bottle of Soy lecithin capsules (90 caps)


The essential pack

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